What others say

“Mary Beth’s unique abilities to teach and apply the principles of visual communication are based on knowledge of how physiology and psychology interact to create visual perception. Mary Beth understands how visual communication occurs and what makes it effective.”

Tom Lang
Tom Lang Communications and Training International


“I was impressed with Dr. Hasselquist’s depth of knowledge on graphing formats and design principles. She is remarkably talented at transforming complicated data into a graph that is attractive and easy to read. Seven months after taking her class, I still impress my boss with everything I learned. The class binder has a permanent home on my desk.”

Laura Riordan
L.E. Riordan Editorial Services
Assistant Managing Editor, The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association


“Mary Beth Hasselquist’s class, Designing and Editing Tables and Graphs, was one of the best I’ve taken at the University of Chicago. Dr. Hasselquist demonstrated a thorough knowledge of every conceivable type of table and graph, their history, and their respective purposes and strengths, as well as the ways that color and other design elements serve to support the information within each type.  Her ability to share this knowledge clearly reflected a thorough understanding of the topic, far transcended any single discipline, and has made me a more critical and informed editor and reader.”

Mary Grady
Editor and Publications Specialist
California Services for Technical Assistance and Training
Napa County Office of Education


“I’ve known Mary Beth Hasselquist for many years and hold her in the highest regard. In both her clinical and administrative work, Mary Beth’s name is synonymous with excellence, dependability, and reliability. She pays meticulous attention to detail, is highly organized and productive, and has a work ethic to be admired. Mary Beth is held in high esteem by patients and peers. In her interactions with others she is unfailingly genuine and respectful. Mary Beth would be an outstanding addition to any organization or work team.”

Jeffrey Grice, M.D.
Vice President , People and Leadership Strategy and Branding
The Permanente Federation


“Dr. Hasselquist has a unique mix of creative and scientific knowledge. She is able to bridge the two worlds by understanding that aesthetically pleasing graphics, layouts, charts and tables, are pleasing for specific reasons. Her input to my own graphics brought my work to
a higher level than I thought was possible. This is saying a lot, since I have been practicing
in the field of visual media for over 25 years.”

Terri Morgan
Principal Product Designer
Avid Technologies


“I completed Mary Beth’s Tables and Graphs course at the University of Chicago in May 2011. I was very impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm Mary Beth brought to this course. We discovered that there is an alarming amount of poorly presented data being published, and Mary Beth gave us the tools to analyze and correct these. Mary Beth taught us the added value that appropriately presented graphics bring to any publication, by clarifying and improving the communication of the message. I was immediately able to apply the principles
I learned to my work, and to back up my decisions using the knowledge I gained through this course. My newly acquired professional skills will benefit me and my organization in the future.”

Sherry Stinn
Medical Editor
QLT Inc.


“Mary Beth has that rare combination of creative and analytical thinking. She is an effective teacher and visual communicator skilled at making complex data easy to understand. I was fortunate to be a student in her class at the UW where she made a lasting impact about the way I approach design thinking and highly recommend her work.”

Tom Fisher
Information Architect
Russell Investments