Important data findings deserve compelling data visualization

Showcase your data in a way that invites study and makes it easy for the reader to quickly grasp the rich information contained in your graphs, tables, or slide sets.

“The use of tables and graphs to communicate quantitative information is common place in business today, yet few of us who produce them have learned the design practices that make them effective.”
Stephen Few (2004) Show Me the Numbers. Oakland: Analytics Press, page 3.

Through formal and informal study, I’ve spent more than 15 years learning about the field
of technical communication, particularly the design practices that lead to effective visual communication.

Let me help you tell the story of your data through expertly designed data displays.

Send an email and we can discuss how I might help you showcase your data, improve an upcoming presentation, or help you learn how to create better visual displays of information.

My information design services include

  • Editing and revising drafts of graphs, tables, and slide sets.
  • Creating graphs and tables from data sets.
  • Creating slide sets from your notes.
  • Collaborating with researchers working on studies related to, or that include, visual displays of information.
  • Creating and presenting workshops for your organization or department.
    Workshops can be as brief as an hour or as long as three full days.

If you have a need, just ask.

Terms and conditions

A signed agreement (provided by Mary Beth Hasselquist) is required for all services.
Fees are payable 25% to begin, balance upon delivery of agreed upon services, unless
other arrangements are made.